El Bebe

El Bebe

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Baby. Swaddle. Fertility. Sacred. Taínos did not have a written language, but they left us markings that explain their lives and beliefs. The existence of petroglyphs such as this allows us to make assumptions about their priorities. The swaddled baby symbol “shows different body types of the so called “swaddled/wrapped” theory.

Today we continue to swaddle babies providing them a sense of safety, and being held. We don’t know when swaddling began, but these ancient symbols are deeply rooted in a sense of sacredness, the unknowable mysteries of creation and the ever changing patterns of natural energies”*

We chose to include the swaddled baby in our logo because we honor indigenous maternal knowledge. We also think these symbols are adorable. But aren’t all babies? Our Bodysuits are made of a fuller cotton and spandex blend. The blend ensures a fit that responds to a baby’s shape without limiting movement or feeling rough against the skin. Our final blend is something we would want to be draped in, we know your baby will agree.