Diosa Luna

Diosa Luna

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The moon holds a special space in mothering. She has always watched our babies in moments we can’t. We like to imagine that for our ancestors she was a symbol of motherhood, light and dark. Today we honor her for always being there.

Diosa Luna is the Taíno goddess representative of the always inspiring moon. She watches over us while we sleep. She is softer than the sun. But has twice its gravitational pull. She inspires songs. She shines a light on love. She was the first element we picked for our logo. She is everything we want to communicate through our designs.

Our Bodysuits are made of a fuller cotton and spandex blend. The blend ensures a fit that responds to a baby’s shape without limiting movement or feeling rough against the skin. Our final blend is something we would want to be draped in, we know your baby will agree.