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Our Home

The same year I decided to move back to NYC the New York Times singled out the South Bronx as the next frontier, for developers, renters and homeowners. I couldn’t believe it! Back in the 70’s the neighborhood was infamous for being the poster child for urban decay. But the borough has since become a vibrant, yet under served community. I saw in this community so much of myself that I couldn’t help falling in love with the South Bronx.

The attributes my neighbors’ posses are those I admire and wish to reflect in our brand: resilience, determination, and strength. Growing up in a neighborhood plagued by poverty and crime isn’t easy, for the children that inspire us, and Ojala Threads. But we are all determined to move forward, using our heritage as a foundation to build on.

Our Vision for the South Bronx

Through an Aggressive Corporate Responsibility Strategy Ojala Threads will launch pilot programs focused on civic education and participation; and farm to table programming.

Eventually Ojala Threads hopes to bring manufacturing and print technology to the South Bronx that would support other small businesses, and tap into the potential of our neighbors. Our ultimate goal is to launch a small "campus" that would include cut and sew machinery, print operations and a storefront. If you'd like to further discuss our corporate responsibility pilot programs and goals please contact us!