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When choosing a canvas worthy of our heritage we didn’t want to cut corners. We knew it had to be soft. It had to be flexible. It had to hold our curvy babies comfortably. Our founder’s experience working on environmental resilience meant we couldn’t make this choice while ignoring the negative environmental impacts of the fashion industry. So we started with the purest canvas we could find, white cotton.

Our designs are not average.

At Ojala Threads we understand that what our babies wear tell the world who they are. We don’t take this lightly. Our designs proudly reflect our Hispanic heritage and create the space for conversations inspired by then. We are hopeful that they will help parents, and grandparents, easily pass on to our youngest generation the best of us.

Our material is not standard.

When we began thinking about the fit we wanted our babies to experience we knew that we needed to be different. We took field trips to every major baby retailer and felt things. We found that plain cotton wasn’t that soft. Some of the tops felt rough, and didn’t respond to a baby’s natural curves. We decided to go with a fuller cotton and spandex blend. The blend ensures a fit that responds to a baby’s shape without limiting movement or feeling rough against the skin. Our final blend is something we would want to be draped in, we know your baby will agree.

Our sizing is realistic.

Our moms shared one complaint when it came to fit: they always had to shop 1-2 sizes up. Our Latino babies are born bigger, this isn't scientifically proven but we think this is why they have curves when they become adults! This means that buying clothing according to the standard month range sizing was unrealistic. To make things simpler we made our tops larger. This means our customers spend less time guessing when shopping with us!

All of our bodysuits are white.

This means our product doesn’t contribute to the degradation of water sources surrounding our manufacturing partner.

Our inks are water based.

We’ve seen first hand what babies do to their clothing. While it isn’t pretty, we wanted to make sure they could dribble, and nibble safely. Our graphics are printed in NYC, using water-based inks. We don’t know what they taste like but as soon as our first customer starts talking we’ll let you know!